Welcome to the official website for Multi-Grammy nominee,
Broadway and recording artist, Maureen McGovern.

What raises McGovern above most other artists in her stylistic arena is her unique combination of a natural vocal ability, knowledgeable musicality and an amiable manner…a world class vocal artist.

- Los Angeles Times

We love singers because they entertain us and the really good singers can tell a story through their music. But master singers, those are the ones that change lives with their voice. Maureen McGovern is the ultimate master singer.

- Michael Shirtz, conductor/composer

Maureen McGovern is a singer who moves comfortably from jazz to soaring movie themes and from classical pop standards to operetta… a coloratura jazz singer at ease in any medium.

- Stephen Holden, The New York Times

Listen to the voice of Maureen McGovern: it possesses a special quality and its own character. It’s a remarkable instrument of expression. The musical sound it produces is pure, clear, unerring. Her compass of tones never ceases to amaze.

- Alan & Marilyn Bergman