I've always loved Alan and Marilyn's lyrics, but one is overwhelmed when exploring the breadth of their work. There is such love, care, craft and sheer genius in each lyric. Add to that the melodies of the greatest composers of the second half of this century and you realize the full measure of truly exquisite, timeless songs. In a world with so little regard for lyric and melody, the Bergmans are a treasured anomaly and it's a privilege to sing their songbook.

This CD is dedicated to the heroes of the Muscular Dystrophy Association who make "Ordinary Miracles" happen every day.

- Maureen McGovern

Track Listing:
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How Do You Keep the Music Playing? (5:28)
Like a Lover (Duet with Dori Caymmi) (4:46)
It Might Be You (3:19)
The Windmills of Your Mind (4:56)
The Summer Knows (4:48)***
***Grammy nomination in the category of Best Instrumental Arrangement
With Accompanying Vocal(s) (Arranger: Mike Renzi)
The Island (3:30)
Little Boy Lost (3:39)
Make Me Rainbows (4:24)
The Way We Were/Where Do You Start (4:26)
You Must Believe in Spring (4:59)
Ordinary Miracles (3:42)
I'll Never Say Goodbye (3:56)
Length: 58:14 minutes
Sterling Records, Released 1997

Liner Notes:

". . .Sometimes they (songwriters) are fortunate in having someone blessed with an extraordinary instrument interpret their songs. Listen to the voice of Maureen McGovern: it "possesses a special quality and its own character." It's a remarkable "instrument of expression." The musical sound it produces is pure, clear, unerring. Her "compass of tones" never ceases to amaze."

- Alan & Marilyn Bergman

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