Nicodemus Bebop Dickens
12/9/92 - 3/23/99

On a sad note however, Maureen suffered a terrible loss in March 1999 when her cherished "Nicky" became ill very quickly and passed away. Hundreds of fans offered their heartfelt wishes to Maureen using the Website Guestbook. We include "Mr. Nick's" photos here because as Maureen wrote at the time, "Nicky's presence will always be with me... Cherish every day with your family, friends and animals. They are precious gifts that the universe has given us."

Precious gifts

Pets are like our children and our best friends combined. Maureen has adopted two furry souls that depend on her, "Rocky" a Yorkshire Terrier and "Miss Hannah," an Australian Silkie/Yorkie/Scottie.

Da Diva reports that Hannah and "The Rocket" get along famously!

Rockwell Doowop St. Armande &
Miss Hannah Kelly Tessitura

Maureen, Rocky and Mr. Nick
from the book "The Bond".

Rocky & Mr. Nick


Portrait by
Gayle Susan Baizer



The Rocket & Hannah